What is LARP?

Live-Action Roleplay is fairly self-explanatory. In a LARP game, players are part of an interactive, collaborative game universe-- they are integral parts of an ongoing narrative. Many people, including plot staff, non-player characters, and player-characters, work to shape this universe.

As both a researcher and as a participant, I understand LARP as a collaborative performance art. A talented LARPer is a talented artist whose abilities span a variety of mediums. Since it is interactive and performative, LARP offers a unique arena for creative expression.

LARP are not one-dimensional. Rules, mechanics, and game environments vary from system to system. I urge you to check out some of the links I provide. Also, if you have any suggestions for links, please send them to me at collabnarration@gmail.com!

Some Links about LARP
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