So what exactly do you want me (the LARPer) to contribute?
Anything and everything! My goal is to eventually have an online collection of creative LARP projects.

What is the submission process? Are you going to censor and/or edit my work?
I will post everything, as long as it matches the guidelines of the site. Basically, I'm going to check work for "appropriateness." I haven't posted a "set rating" for this blog, but I want to make it accessible for a general intelligent adult audience. Also, I will, with your permission, correct typos and that sort of thing. I will send you an email before I do so, however.

Are audio files ok?
Indeed they are: oral narration and music are both important parts of LARPs. I'm working on glitch-free audio posting, as I type.

I have so many ideas, and I want to eventually submit all of them. Is that ok?
Yes, the more (stuff) the merrier!

Can I send you a "place holder" email with my ideas? I have some ideas but they're not finished/I'm not sure they match the goals of the blog.
Please do!

Can a friend and I collaborate on something together?
This is ideal-- yes, please!

Can you guarantee my anonymity?
I can do everything in my power to protect your privacy. However, this is a public forum. I can't guarantee that someone you know won't recognize your anonymous writing/art/music etc. Also, I encourage people to publicly celebrate their talent. LARPing is an art form.

I don't LARP anymore, but I used to. Can I contribute?
Absolutely. This is designed to expand the creative potential of LARP. 

Hi! I'm not a LARPer, but I think this is really cool. Can I comment on the work?
Of course, and I hope you do-- please follow the guidelines of the site. 

Hi! I'm not a LARPer, but I think this is really cool. I write/draw/sing too-- can I submit my work?
Well, no. This is a site for/by the LARP community. If you are an artist looking for an outlet, LARP is a great one. I encourage you to get involved! Then, please, submit your work! (The only exception is if you are involved in the LARP community, but do not actively LARP. For example, if you provide LARPers with costuming, props, music etc., I would like to consider your submissions.)