Rules: Please Read

Please read these before submitting work or commentary to this site.

- Be creative. Be expressive. Be thoughtful. This is a place for all of us to assert ourselves within a humongous collective fiction. It is also a space for us to represent ourselves to a larger online community.

- Any expressive medium is OK. Prose, poetry, artwork, music, film… these are just some potential outlets to facilitate your characters’ narratives.

- Keep your audience in mind. Is what you’re sharing appropriate for a general LARP setting? In other words, is the subject matter something with which your general LARP community would be comfortable? (I’m not putting a “set rating” on this blog, but I’m also not going to post gratuitously inappropriate work.)

- This is an Out of Game creative outlet, but realize that your narratives may have repercussions for other characters, both In-Game and Out-of-Game. If you mention other characters in your story, be considerate. Are you revealing their secrets or personal information? Is this an insulting portrayal of another character? Are you revealing things about an individual that could have ramifications for them In-Game and/or Out-of-Game? Pseudonyms are a good idea, but, in general, avoid exposing the personal information of other players and their characters-- consideration of the privacy of other players is important. Is another player’s character essential to the story you want to share? Why not collaborate? Get their input. This is a collective effort.

- This is a place to celebrate LARP creativity. This is not the place to complain and/or quibble with/about your LARP community.

- Be nice. Be nice to other participants. Be nice to me, the editor. Be nice to yourself. Be nice to your LARP community.