What is CollabNarration?

CollabNarration is an online edited collection of character-narratives. These narratives are from the LARP community.

CollabNarration is a blog project designed with four goals:

- To provide a moderated forum for creative expression

- To bring together LARPers, from across systems, in a mass collaborative narration

- To publicly showcase the creative richness of the LARP community
- To expand the creative potential of LARP

I invite you, LARPers from across networks, to use this as a space to explore your characters. It stands as an online and public collection of LARP character stories. Do you have some story, from your character’s past, that you’ve always wanted to tell people? Who is your character? What has happened to them? What has shaped them?

This is the place to tell your character’s story. In your own words. Or your own pictures. Or songs. Or costumes. Or objects. Or all of the above. This is a space where you, the artist, can add your voice to the collaborative narrative process.

Your story can be fiction: Perhaps you want to recount your character's between-gather sailing expedition. Or you want to write the story of your character's great-grandmother. Or you want to illustrate the world in which your character grew-up.

Your story can be non-fiction: Maybe you want to talk about how your character came into existence. Or you want to showcase how you made your character’s signature item. Perhaps you want to communicate how you, as a real-world person, came into LARP. It’s up to you.

Submit your work to me, collabnarration@gmail.com. Please read and follow the site rules and submission guidelines.

Obviously, this blog is non-canonical. It has no bearing on your game universe. It is a place to explore how we, the whole LARP community, can expand the creative potential of LARP.

You can remain as anonymous as you want to be. I will moderate and post all submissions.